Austin Equine Hospital
So, you want to be a horse doctor?
Internship Program

So, you want to be a horse doctor? We can't blame you, it's a great job. It's hard work, but most jobs are (at least according to the people doing them) If you've made it into and through veterinary school, you're plenty smart and hard working enough to do this job.
The real question is, where can you take all that education you've acquired and get the experience you need to practice veterinary medicine? We may be biased, but we recommend Austin Equine as an excellent place to enhance your training.

We offer a happy, fun, drama free work environment full of engaged people. We practice high quality, evidence-based medicine and do things to make sure you will, too. Things like daily rounds and monthly journal club (with beer and pizza, of course).

We host two interns each year, to spread out the emergency and patient care load. We take work/life balance very seriously, and we take great pride in teaching and training our interns to go on to great things.

So, if you, too, are happy and fun; have interesting hobbies; if you like to laugh -- you might be the intern we are looking for at Austin Equine.

We host two interns each year, to spread out the emergency and patient care load.
The Austin Equine Internship is designed to further the education of recent veterinary graduates by exposing them to a large volume of diverse cases thus allowing interesting and engaged individuals the ability to develop proficient skills and confidence to excel in equine medicine (this is a long way of saying, "It's awesome here").
Externship Program

It's pretty simple. If you're interested in doing an internship with us, you should really try to do an externship here, first. We absolutely guarantee a fun and beneficial experience.

Externs live on-site in our modern tiny houses.
  • Samantha Eifert, DVM
  • Brynn Taylor, DVM
  • Holly Phillips, DVM
  • Sally Alpini, DVM
  • Taylor Goucher, DVM
  • Morgan Hilton, DVM
  • Holly Martin, DVM
  • Katie Ritchie, DVM
  • Audrey Carlson, DVM
  • Daphne Dodd, DVM
  • Kayla Weaver, DVM
  • Kate Marley, DVM
  • Shannon Jones, DVM
  • Cristina Carballo, DVM
  • Felice Cuomo, DVM
  • Mark Buchert, DVM
  • Alexis Bardzinski, DVM
  • Rachel Wilson, DVM
For details on Internship or Externship opportunities at Austin Equine Hospital, please view our Internship listing on the AAEP website. For further questions, please contact our practice manager, Jessica Collins-Matcek.