Equine Surgical Facility

Our sophisticated surgical facility offers a variety of elective and emergency surgical procedures with Board Certified surgeon Dr. JoLynn Joyce and a highly trained surgical staff. Our facility features: two fully padded induction/recovery stalls, a hydraulic surgery table, and gas anesthesia.

During all surgeries, we perform advanced monitoring of vital signs to assure safe anesthesia. A licensed veterinarian focuses entirely on gas anesthesia monitoring alongside a team that excels in client communication and individualized care for your horse. During anesthesia we monitor: blood pressure, ECG, pulse oximetry, and Capnography. Careful monitoring is crucial for the safety of all our patients especially those who are severely ill or undergoing emergency procedures such as colic surgery. Prior to anesthesia, we perform pre-operative blood work on all our patients in order to identify potential complications (such as underlying kidney disease, liver disease or infection) and tailor the safest anesthetic protocol for each individual patient.